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Capture great ideas

Log your abstract ideas in words, links and images, before the Eureka Moment passes.

Build next-steps as you go

Break your ideas down into focussed next-steps and build your entire flow of thought around a project organically.

Brainstorm, with context

Share your thoughts with the people that matter, and build focussed discussions to validate, vett and evolve your genius.

Get stuff done

Track progress of each thought from "idea" to "completion". Assign, schedule and take your thoughts to execution.

Do more with templates

Why worry about the basics when you can jump right into the details! Kick start your ideas armed with best practices, resources and all the basics thought out for you already...

Simple SEO Strategy Template to plan out your search engine optimization

SEO, Acquisition and Content Marketing

Growth hacking template that runs through ideas for acquiring, activating, retaining and earning referrals and revenues from users

Tips and ideas for Growth Hacking

Template for product managers to plan stories, features and release cycles

Best Practices for Product Management

Template to plan ideas around a startup

Ready-made plans for Startup Ideation