The germ story

Deep in the jungles of coastal africa is a relatively ordinary looking cave, with a rather interesting scene painted on its walls.

Over and over, you'd see sketches of two men scratching their grizzly mane, arguing about a perfectly circular piece of rock between them. And, if you squint really hard, you can almost make out the shape of an imaginary light bulb shining over their heads.

This is not the story of those two men. Or the cave....

This is the story of that lightbulb

and how it continues to change everything.

The germ of first infected the Vikram, Gautham and Subu when they were trying to capture and make sense of their ideas around marketing, product management and engineering. Half their ideas died in transit between note apps, whiteboards and task tools, and the other half was stuck in limbo as an abstract thought.

This is a problem that humans, as a species, has been dying to solve forever!

In January 2014, Vikram, Gautham and Subu got their heads together in a dingy little spare room with rather questionable hygiene, and thus the first germ was spawned.

Getting from ideas
to Execution

In March 2014, took its first breath of fresh air. The germ evolved pretty rapidly from there on, winning the love of thousands of users over the next few months.

And we’ve only just gotten started! is the first ever productivity tool that puts the focus on your genius ideas and getting them to execution.

You can’t invent
the germ

You only know you’ve been infected when you get this feverish craze to make the world a better place...

- the germ team (circa 2014)

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