Creativity meets Context

Turn your abstract marketing ideas into actionable campaigns you can finally measure!

Hundreds of marketers use germ to build their campaigns, content and marketing experiments
Set, track and mark your marketing objectives

Set, track and explain objectives

Tie macro and micro objectives to every stage of your ideation process. Describe your core business goals, specific marketing targets and initial thoughts in free-form text.

Break your marketing strategies by segments

Break down and segmentize

Break your macro objectives into focussed segments. Drill in as deep or broad as you need and structure targeted marketing strategies as you go.

Add graphs, charts, data points and images

Back your ideas with solid data and research

Back every idea and strategy with references, images, data points and documents you need to get your campaign rolling. Add images and design inspirations right beside your genius strategies.

Brainstorm marketing ideas and collaborate strategies with your team

Brainstorm in real-time

Bring your team in to contribute their thoughts to your campaigns. Set context and run focussed discussions around individual ideas.

Mark tasks and action items for completion

Action, with context

Mark progress of your campaigns from Ideation to Execution. Assign micro-objectives, specific tasks or entire trains of your ideas to your team, set due dates, and see how your genius impacts your numbers.

From Ideas to Marketing Strategies in one click

With pre-built templates to kickstart your content, PR, acquisiiton and growth strategies, germ gives you all the resources, best practices and building blocks you need to turn your marketing ideas into executable campaigns.

Build content marketing editorial calendar

Build your
Content Calendar

Structure your Press Release and Public Relations strategy

Plan your
PR Strategy

Acquire new customers through organic, inorganic, referral and other channels

Customer Acquisition

Optimize conversion rates on existing channels

Conversion Rates