Decisions meet Deliverables

Streamline your product vision as you get from "discovery" to "deployment"

Hundreds of product managers use germ to plan their release cycles, discuss features, and build their roadmaps
Capture product requirements from every quarter

Capture Product Ideas from Everywhere

Bring ideas, feature requests and enhancements into one place, and get working on the "what's" and "why's" of every idea.

Drive epics, stories, micro stories and features organically

Get from Stories to Features

Break down abstract user goals into specific functionalities, focussed feature sets and tangible modules.

Collaborate and brainstorm with designers, developers and the rest of your team

Collaborate with Design & Dev

Share mockups and prototypes with your design and development teams, and get their buy-in before they even fire up their editors.

Identify and clean out dead-ends in your project plan early in the game

Vett dead-ends early

Mark dead-end ideas as "Not Taken", so when you come back to them weeks, months or years later you know exactly why you chose to not work on this train of thought.

Build your product roll out plan organically

Build your Roll-out Plan

Track each thought from Ideation to Completion, assign owners for each epic, story and feature, set due dates and have a good nights sleep before you hit Deploy.

From Product Idea to Launch in one click

With pre-built templates to kickstart your new product ideas, launch strategies, Go-to-Market plans and growth hacks, germ gives you all the resources, best practices and building blocks you need to turn your product ideas into successful launches.

Plan your product roadmaps

Plan your
Product Roadmap

Organize all your product ideas

Organize ideas around
Functionalities & Specs

Figure your Go To Market Strategy

Build your
GTM Strategy