Your mind is for coming up with
great ideas... Not holding them!

See how germ beats the tools you use today, by letting you focus on
Ideas and getting them to Execution

Too many ideas have died in lost
notes and cleaned up whiteboards already.

Paper is Clumsy.

With paper, you end up spending your genius moments digging paper napkins for half-formed ideas. germ lets you bring all your ideas, thoughts and action plans to one place.

Paper is unstructured

Paper is great to pour your thoughts - not organize or build an action plan out of it. germ brings the free-form experience of paper with all the powers you need to execute too.

Paper is so… last century

Working on a shared piece of paper, having a discussion or tracking progress is a mess. germ lets you think, explain, collaborate and execute, all from one place.

Problem is, if you do it right, even you don’t understand your mindmaps anymore!

Mindmaps get messy

With Mindmaps, your ideas soon become a spider web of nodes and lines. germ lets you focus on just one idea at a time, break it down and build your thoughts organically.

Mindmaps aren’t actionable

Teasing out an actionable strategy from your ideas laid out in a mindmap is a night mare. germ is built to take your ideas all the way through to execution.

Nobody else gets it

Making sense of your mindmaps is hard even for you - let alone the others you share it with. germ is designed so anyone can appreciate your genius as well as you do.

Notes are great to capture daily tidbits. Not for structuring genius and executing on it.

Notes are for everything

Your great ideas shouldn't have to fight for attention with all the other irrelevant garbage. germ is designed to capture your genius thoughts, and just that.

Notes are loose

Keeping your notes filed and organized right requires the skills of a wizard. germ lets you progressively break down and automatically organize your ideas in the right place.

Notes aren’t for action

Note apps at best help capture your ideas - not next steps, action plans and execution strategies. germ starts with the idea in your head, and follows through till it's completed.

You can’t skip the thinking, creativity and collaboration, and jump straight to execution.

Projects begin with Ideas

Tasks come in only at the last phase of your project. germ lets you start at the beginning - ideation, and take them all the way through - to execution.

Task don't give context

Tasks abstract the big-picture context of your projects into meaningless to-do items. germ shows how each action item fits back into your grand idea.

Nobody likes Mr.Gantt

Mappping dependencies and deliverables on task tools is manual and clunky.germ maps your heirarchies, dependencies and micro-projects automagically.

The Sum of the Whole is greater
than the Sum of the Parts Combined

Germ brings the best experience from the tools you love and use to get your ideas to action - only better. When you can capture, think, brainstorm and get things done in one place, every genius idea in your head gets a fair chance to see light without cluttering your mind and desk.

Paper like Fluidity

To flex your ideas the way you want

Freeform Ideation

To capture genius distraction free

Visual Experience

To marry focus with context

Seamless GTD

To toggle creativity and execution

Learn why your ideas are madly in love with germ already