The Honor Code

TL;DR Version: Zero legalese; your word is oak

This is not a legally binding contract between us. It’s more like a bro code between one pretty smart genius (you) and another (the germ).

By signing up, logging in, using, or anything as much as staring at a screenshot of for over 10 seconds, you promise on the souls of 42 baby seals to abide by this Honor Code.

We're still fixing the nuts and bolts in germ. The way we see it, we always will be. But it'd be cruel on our part to deprive your genius a fair chance to see light while we keep taking moonshots at perfection. That's why we've opened germ to you even as it evolves - so you can see, feel, play around, and build your thoughts to execution. And drop us your love, hate and feedback.

We haven't gotten around to start charging users yet, which means germ is still free. But by FREE we don't mean free as in "free lunch". We mean it more like free as in "free for a beer this evening?". Use to capture your ideas, build plans and get things done. Keep throwing us your feedback. We promise - every itch shall be scratched, and every feedback shall be heard.

Of course, you are a reasonable person, and you understand that we are as enthusiastic as you are to get your ideas to execution. But sometimes it's hard to change the wheels when the car is running. There will be flaps of functionality and design that hang off the walls, and little pieces of plaster that fall. Remember to have your hard hats on at all times.

We are listening. Shoot us an email with any queries, questions, doubts or limericks at support[at]germ[dot]io. Or just add that email as a collaborator on a germ you’re working on and we’d know.

You can tweet to us, hit us up on Facebook, connect with us on LinkedIn, walk over to our office (if you have a rough idea of where we are), or hang out with us on the silent graveyard of social networking some of us call Google+. Point is, we’re available, and we’re listening.

If you are looking for 750 features on a zero-bug piece of software, we can tell you the germ doesn’t have it. But what it does have is a very particular set of capabilities. Capabilities it has acquired through bringing out poetically complex ideas, talking to you, and taking rather long walks on the beach.

If you give the germ your feedback - good, bad, or ugly, the germ will forever be in your gratitude.

If you don’t sign up now that’ll be the end of it. The germ won’t talk to you, won’t retarget you. But if you do sign up, and then hang around without passing as much as a word of critique, a line of praise or any activity a week later, the germ will look for you, it will find you, and it will haunt you with reminders in your dreams for all time to come.