Your ideas deserve a fair chance to see light...
germ gives your genius just that.

capture abstract ideas with a powerful rich editor

Think Free-Form

When they first hit you, your ideas are still far too abstract to be forced into a structure. Capture your eureka moment as it is in free-form text, and expand on it anyway you like.

spice up your ideas with images, wireframes, attachments and more

Say More with Pictures

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousands words. Sometimes a reference from the interwebz is worth even more. Power up your ideas with images, attachments and quick URL previews.

collaborate on your ideas and get real-time feedback from your peers

Collaborate, Validate, Vett

Your ideas need the validaton and feedback of people that matter. Invite collaborators to brainstorm together, and build focussed discussions around each idea.

vote on popular ideas and identify the best plans to take forward

Discover the Best Ideas

Before you can act, you need to first extract the ideas that actually make sense. Identify which ideas make your team yell "Eureka", and which ones make you go "meh!".

Turn your idea into defined project plans, as you go