You should be creating, not planning.
germ lets you build your project plans organically.

plan your projects as you go

Plan without (really) planning

Break your creative projects into bite-sized micro ideas, and build your project plan organically... without even thinking about it.

Uncover requirements and feature sets as you go

Uncover requirements as you go

Clear the hazy mist of uncertainity surrounding your projects one little idea at a time. Brainstorm around each problem, figure out next steps and discover requirements as you go.

Ensure you have thought through the entire breadth of options before you commit to your project plan

Cover all bases

Never go through the pain of a "missed idea" again. Visualize the entire breadth of options around your idea, and drill in as deep as you need to build a solid plan.

Some people are blessed with sooth-saying superpowers to know exactly which ideas will work and which ones will go splat. For everyone else, there is

Discover red flags early

Figure out dead ends and no-go's early by marking them as Not Taken. Track progress of your ideas throughout their journey to execution, and catch red flags early. lets you seamlessly toggle between the birds-eye view and ground level details

Get context, all the way

The only thing worse than working on a long, boring project is working on a long, boring project without knowing "why". Share your thought process around the project with your team so they know exactly why they do what they do.

Brainstorm great ideas with your team in real-time