There's a time to think, and there's a time to do.
germ takes you from "idea" to "getting things done".

Get a quick list of to-do items you should focus on next

Organize to-dos as you think

Shifting from the big-picture overview to ground level details doesn't have to be hard on your stomach. Turn your ideas into a workable action plan with all relationships and dependencies mapped out.

Track your ideas every step of the way, from ideation to actionable, and finally to completion

Track from Ideas to Completion

Mark progress as your abstract ideas evolve into specific action items. Track every idea from the moment it hits your head, to the point it is ready to action, and all the way through till it gets completed.

Your team consists of smart people - not monotonous robots. Step up innovation by distributing ownership.

Assign owners and delegate

Monotonously running tasks everyday works ok with robots - not with your team. Drive ownership by delegating the right pieces of your ideas to the right people.

Nobody deserves the pain of  manually mapping task dependencies. Let germ take care of that for you.

Manage dependencies automagically

Manually mapping task dependencies is a pain you shouldn't have to live with. Turn your thought hierarchies into perfectly planned out action items that tell you what you should work on first and when.

It IS your project, your genius and your timelines. Nothing should ever have to get between CREATIVE you and EXECUTOR you

Your genius, your workflow

You can't really turn a switch for when you want to think, and when you should execute. Jump to Execution Mode when you need to get things done, and shift back to Ideation when the creativity bug bites.