Your team is bursting with genius already.
germ lets you bring that out.

democratize creativity by inviting your entire team to add their ideas

Democratize creativity

Open the floor for new ideas from your team. Let everybody contribute ideas, thoughts and opinions, without losing focus on execution.

Turn every idea into an open ground for comments, opinions and focussed conversation that takes it closer towards execution.

Open ideas to debate

Awesome ideas crop up from focussed discussions and passionate debates. Start a conversation around each idea and collaborate towards discovering next steps.

Quickly identify which ideas actually make sense, and which ones dont

Identify the best ideas (and the worst)

Knowing which ideas ignite the most light bulbs in your team helps you discover which ideas to take forward. Mark your approval of an idea, or take a quick vote with Eurekas.

Crowd source ideas, pull comments and invite discussions as you brainstorm in real-time

Kill unproductive meetings

Meeting rooms are the slaughterhouses of amazing ideas. Invite your team to think, build and share their thoughts when their personal creativity is at its peak, instead of forcing them under the whiteboard.

Follow your ideas through with impeccable execution